What Fashion Is

“Don’t you know that you are working at the place that published some of the greatest artists of the century? Halston, Lagerfeld, de la Renta. And what they did, what they created was greater than art because you live your life in it.” – The Devil Wears Prada

A few posts ago, I asked the ambiguous question of Ā “What is Fashion?” It seems that everyone has a different answer. Some believe it to be a commercial trap– a way to influence people to purchase more than they need. Others believe it to be a way of life like Coco Chanel immortalized in her words: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” And finally, most just think fashion is just clothes.

Well, I would like to offer my personal opinion. Continue reading

Hakaan Wins ANDAM Award

HakaanA spectator at Hakaan Tildirim’s recent show was quoted saying,Ā “A new star is born.” Clearly, one has as Turkish designer Hakaan was awarded the ANDAM Fashion Award this month. After being notified of his achievement, Hakaan responded, “This is so magical. We are honored.”

The five other finalists for the award included Alexandre Vauthier, Bouchra Jarrar, Calla Haynes, Francesco Scognamiglio, and Mark Fast

Watch Hakaan’s Fall/Winter 2010-2011 show below.

Giuseppe Zanotti Launches Jewelry Collection

Noted shoe designer, Giuseppe Zanotti, has dressed Hollywood’s hottest feet on the red carpet and on the streets for years. Now Zanotti is taking a step back with shoes and a step forward with jewelry. Giuseppe ZanottiĀ has partnered with Delfina Delettreq to release a jewelry collection for fall/winter 2010-2011. The collection features rings, cuffs, bracelets, bangles and necklaces, all designed with an edgy, hardware look. Despite the spikes and rivets, Giuseppe Zanotti keep the collection flashy and feminine with rhinestone accents and semi-precious stones. His jewelry collection is priced between $325 to $1,850 and will be sold exclusively at Giuseppe Zanotti Design boutiques and selected department stores starting in July of 2010.

View his online store and website.

Re: Attempted Ban on Skinny Models in Australia

Yesterday, I posted a short article yesterday about Australia’s new optional code for fashion models. While surfing WordPress this morning, I found an beautifully worded article that discusses Australia’s attempt at adapting a healthier body composition for models, but it also looks at personal self-confidence and body image. The article is featured onĀ Realize Beauty, a blog that shares wellness and beauty tips from “network of well-respected therapists, scientists and healers.” Take some time out of your day to read the article and reflect on the way you view yourself and body!

Click to read Realize Beauty’s article.

Jean-Paul Gaultier to Design Lingerie Again!

Almost 30 years later, Jean-Paul Gaultier will design lingerie again!

Jean-Paul Gaultier is going to launch a new line of lingerie partnered with La Perla! A bra and garter belt will debut at one of his shows on July 7th!

Lingerie line will be sold in select Jean-Paul Gaultier and La Perla boutiques and department stores in November.

Will the cone bra come back?! What do you think!?

Professional Soccer Meets Fashion

With the World Cup almost over, I wanted to write a post relating the world’s greatest sport and fashion. The first thing that came to mind that blended these two areas was obviously David Beckham’s famous Armani Underwear ad. It got me thinking… What other soccer players have been featured in high fashion advertisements? So here is a collection of designers who have featured footballers in their ads! Continue reading

Attempted Ban on Skinny Models in Australia

Kate Ellis, Australia’s youth minister, has recently come up with simple guidelines to prevent dangerously skinny models from appearing on runways and in advertising and fashion photoshoots. Although her restrictions are vague and open ended, it is warming to see efforts being made to protect models and more importantly, young women who are exposed to the images and video of extremely skinny models and are easily influenced. However, these guidelines aren’t laws; therefore, designers and editors can choose whether or not to follow these rules. Because they are not laws, it is unclear how effective the guidelines will be. Yet, Ellis says, “[The guidelines] will empower consumers to tell the fashion, beauty, media and modelling industries what they want and provide greater choice.”

The Guidelines
(Reposted from New York Fashion)

  • Disclose when images have been retouched and refrain from enhancing photographs in a way that changes a person’s body shape, for example, lengthening their legs or trimming their waist, or removing freckles, lines and other distinguishing marks.
  • Only use models aged 16 or older to model adult clothes – both on catwalks and in print.
  • Refrain from using models who are very thin – or male models who are excessively muscular.
  • Stocking clothing in a wide variety of sizes in shops to reflect the demand from customers.
  • Using a broad range of body shapes, sizes and ethnicities in editorial and advertising.
  • Not promoting rapid weight loss, cosmetic surgery, excessive exercising or any advertisements or editorial content that may promote a negative body image.

What do you think about models? Does it matter what they look like because they are hangers? Should these “guidelines” become laws?

Vogue US vs. Vogue Paris

Recently, my dad returned home from his trip to France with a copy of the June/July issue of Vogue Paris. I was so excited to read it and ripped the plastic cover off. I opened it up, flipping vigorously through, searching for the Kate Moss spread. (Kate Moss is by far my favorite model. A lot of people think she is overrated, but I think she is brilliant!) Upon finding it, I realized I couldn’t read the article. Why? Because it was all in French and obviously my extensive knowledge of Spanish didn’t help in the least bit. I could pick out words here and there, but they were words like “cocktail” and “couture.” Discouraged, I gave up and hunted my mom down, who speaks French fluently. I made her sit with me for an hour and read me the articles instead.

June/July 2010 Issue of Vogue Paris (Kate Moss)

Paging through the magazine itself, I realized how shocking different Vogue Paris and the American version are. And to be frankly honest, I liked the Paris version much better. I am not saying that Anna Wintour, the Editor in Chief of Vogue US, does not do proper job or lacks creativity. Instead, I find the Paris Vogue much more refreshing. Continue reading