A Turn Towards Beauty

Everywhere you look news headlines and broadcasts and advertisements are screaming about today’s catastrophes– war, genocide, economic and natural disasters, racism and persecution. We are bombarded by the horrible realities of life through mass media and are mentally abused by the shortcomings and destructive nature of human beings. To cope, we turn inwards, focusing on our lives, our families, our job; therefore, neglecting the issues of world. However, turning away from the evil of the world makes us shut out the beauty and goodness of the world as well. Unfortunately, we cannot selectively choose what to pay attention to and what to disregard. Instead, we replace the real world with our fantasies– places that only focus on things that directly effect us.

In doing so, we miss out of the beauty of life and innovative potential of humans. We learn to ignore the majestic magnificence of nature and the carefully crafted painting. We simplify everything around us, so the ancient oak becomes a sickly tree with leaves and the oil painting of King Richard becomes a picture of an old dead king. Yet, if we learn once again to look for beauty in the world, reality appears to be a much less intimidating and harmful place.

I firmly believe that nowadays people have been tortured by the world’s cruelness and it has made them scared to be a part of it. In order to regain life, us humans need to take small steps in finding and appreciating the beauty around us. This is why I have created this blog; I am dedicated to helping people find an interest in the splendor of the world. I want to show them the serenity and peace that I have found through fashion and art– two worlds that few comprehend or pay attention to.

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