Get the Look: Lauren Conrad

Love Lauren Conrad’s beachy California look? Get it for yourself! AND at affordable prices! has recently done a Lauren Conrad Style Guide! The best thing about this style guide is that they feature 14 different images of Lauren at events and tell you exactly who she is wearing. But most of us don’t have $2 grand to spend on a dress, so features similar outfits at different price ranges! You can even buy the clothing online from the links feature!

Don’t stop there! Complete your look with Lauren Conrad inspired hairstyles and makeup!

Lauren Conrad’s Hairstyles

Here are three quick simple how-to’s for Lauren’s famous looks!

The Twist – Part your hair down the center and curl with a barrel curler. Separate one-inch sections in the front of your hair and twist back. Secure with bobbypins.

The Straight Ponytail – Simply flat iron your hair.Pull your hair into a low pony. Wear a cute headband or if you have bangs, straighten them and let them frame your face.

The Side Braid – Part your hair or bangs to the side. Begin french braiding your hair closest to your scalp. As you move down, switch to a regular braid. Secure with bobbypins.

Lauren Conrad’s Make-Up

Lauren always has a fresh flawless face! She never wears that much make-up (or at least she makes it look like she doesn’t)! Start with a foundation and finish with a powder. Use a peachy or apricot blush on the apples of your cheeks. Line your eyes with liquid liner. (See below for a video tutorial on Lauren’s infamous winged eyeliner look!) Complete the look with a clear coat or light pink shade of lipgloss.

Here’s a good video tutorial on how to do Lauren’s famous cateye eyeliner!

And don’t forget to visit Kohl’s to see her LC Lauren Conrad collection!

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