JWOWW’s New Fashion Line Makes Me Wanna PukeNOWW

MTV’s Jersey Shore reality-star, JWOWW, has debuted her new clothing line called Filthy Couture. After viewing her collection, I can hardly say it is couture, but it is filthy! JWOWW’s collection looks like her closet, full of extremely low cut tops and dresses, too much bling, lace, and cutouts. But I have to credit for designing the things herself and taking the initiative of artistically expressing herself.

Yet, her prices seem very steep for the lack of clothing you are purchasing. Shirts and jeans go for between $60 to $100. Bathing suit separates are $50 to $80 and finally dresses are $150 to $350. “Handmade items” (whatever that is supposed to mean) are going for $1000.

View Filthy Couture at your own risk by clicking here.

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