My Top Fashion Icons

A lot of people ask me where I get my personal style inspiration from and which fashionistas I admire. There isn’t any one person who I aspire to dress like. I find that I choose my clothing on what I like, but also considering the latest trends as well. However, I still wanted to recognize women who, I think, have a creative and fashionable sense of style. And my top three are…

Katy Perry

You either love her or you hate her. Little Miss Katy Perry has dazzled the Hollywood scene with her modern take on vintage and pin-up attire. She can rock the high-waisted short shorts like no one else can, but can clean-up well, sometimes too well, for red carpet events. Katy definitely has a recognizable look, but she is also very versatile in her dress. Like Lady Gaga, it is fun to see what she wears next! She’s a star I’d keep my eye on!

Blake Lively

Blake is the embodiment of a California girl. She has ravishing long blonde hair, lightly bronzed skin and mile long legs, however, she has that classic beachy vibe. Blake knows what is in style, but more importantly what looks good on her. Everything she wears looks absolutely stunning because she embraces her body and plays up her best features. She also adventurous in her clothing; She’s not afraid to wear rompers or onesies or extremely low cut dresses. I am always jealous when I see her in magazines because she is gorgeous!

Emma Watson

It’s a little shocking to see nerdy Hermione Granger turn into such a elegant woman! Emma has transformed greatly since her first Harry Potter film and has caught the eye of the fashion world. She is the face of Burberry and is commonly featured in magazines for her style.

Honorable Mentions

There were a few celebrities and actresses that I absolutely adore and idolize, but they are commonly recognized as fashion icons. In this post, I wanted to rewrite on fresh faces and women that are less acknowledged as trend-setters. However, I am greatly influenced by these following women and I still wanted to make a note of them!

  1. Audrey Hepburn

    She was Hubert  de Givenchy’s muse and made the LBD a staple item in every woman’s closet with Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey was beautiful, but had quirky features– a funny nose, a pair of brown deer eyes, two big feet, a neck that was a little too long, a shockingly small waist, and skinny legs and arms. Yet, her appearance was always stunning and innocent because of the clothes she wore and her mannerisms.
  2. Madonna

    Madonna has always pushed the limit, whether it be music or fashion. With the introduction of MTV, Madonna ruled the Hollywood scene with her risque outfits. She drove women to embrace their femininity, but with an edgy and tough, almost manly, nature.
  3. Lady Gaga

    I think Lady Gaga is self-explanatory. She doesn’t need a silly little paragraph explaining what she’s achieved in the fashion realm.
  4. Kate Moss

    Kate’s always been ridiculed for being too skinny or for doing cocaine, but a lot of people overlook her talent and style. Kate always look good, despite what she’s wearing. She has a familiar boyish and laid-back style, but can easily dress-it-up. And who doesn’t love that leopard print coat? (One of my all time favorite looks was one of her giant leopard print coats and a coral snake skin dress; it was stunning!)

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