Recession Pushes High-Fashion to Use Online Shopping

With the recession still going, a lot of high fashion lines are resorting to online sales. This is mostly because retailed stores have drastically slashed their prices, therefore, making  high-fashion labels’ prices less appealing. By adding e-commerce to their flashy sites, high-fashion lines can reach more people–basically anyone who has internet access.

Read more on The Cut.

Honestly, I despise online shopping. Sure, I will browse online at items, but I get so distracted. My favorite part about shopping and clothing is feeling the texture of the article. Online shopping strips the intimacy of shopping and also the personality of the clothing. When at a store, I always take the item off the rack and touch the fabric. (This always gets me evil glances at Bloomingdale’s, especially since I can’t walk by something and NOT touch it.) Feeling the fabric lets me truly experience the article; I get to understand the full idea of the designer and connect to them. Touch is just as important any other sense like sight; it allows use to take in more information. Babies learn mostly through touch. That’s why they put things in their mouth as well; it lets them understand more about the object. The mouth is also one of the most sensitive places on the body. As we grow older, we value touch less because we have more brain and academic knowledge. But in reality, touch can broaden our understanding. It can complete the image or idea.

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