While I was vacationing in Tahoe with my best friend this summer, we stumbled upon an art fair in The Village. After roaming through the outdoor galleries of paintings and sculptures, we were captivated by a jewelry stand owned by aspiring designer, Ava Austin. Her pieces were stunning and made completely out of dried paint! The bands, or FaCuffs, were strangely stretchy and flexible, but maintained their shape and came in vibrant colors. After talking to Austin, she explained that over the years, she has perfected her mixture of paint to create a durable, stretchy, waterproof cuff bracelet. The formula is an acrylic polymer emulsions that is made from products by Golden Artist Colors; Austin calls the paint FaPaint. When the FaPaint dries it becomes the FaCuff. Austin has extended her collection to Metal FaCuffs, which are copper bangles that are covered in FaPaint, beads, semi and precious stones, gold, silver, and tiny marbles.

Click to visit her site and shop the FaCuff!

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