Confirmed! Aliona Doletskaya Leaves Russian Vogue

It was first rumored that Aliona Doletskaya was leaving Russian Vogue when Love magazine tweeted, “Aliona to leave Russian Vogue. Good luck Aliona for the future, we love you xx.”

Now, the president of Condé Nast International, Jonathan Newhouse, has confirmed Doletskaya’s resignation. He says, “Some time ago, Aliona Doletskaya told me that she would like to leave the Vogue Russia editor-in-chief’s post, which she has occupied for almost 13 years, and start a new life, probably to write a book or try her hand in a new field,” said Newhouse. “As Russia—as well as the rest of the world—was still going through economically hard times, I asked Aliona to wait for a better time to do this. Now, it’s obvious that we are coming out of the crisis, thus I don’t want to interfere with Aliona’s plans anymore. I accept her decision to leave the magazine with great sorrow… In the near future we will announce the name of the next editor-in-chief of Vogue Russia.”

Rumors of resignation are not a new thing for Aliona. A few years ago Aliona Doletskaya was rumored to take Anna Wintour’s position at US Vogue.

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