Infested! Elle Magazine

Victoria’s Secret isn’t the only one having bedbug problems. Elle magazine has closed its offices on the 44th floor of the Hachette Filipaceni building on Broadway and 5th. Authorities are encouraging editors to work from home until this coming Monday; they also have brought in a trained sniffing beagle to confirm the infestation.

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Emma Watson Goes Royal

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson has teamed up with People Tree once again to design a collection, but this time she’s getting some royal treatment. Her Spring 2011 collection will debut at Prince Charles’ private gardens on September 12th. Her show is part of a 12 day celebration for Make a Difference, a series of cultural events to promote a greener living. Even though Emma Watson is not able to attend her show, she is elated and very honored to have her work shown before the king.

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Paper, Plastic or $1K?

You know those lovely paper bags you get free from the grocery store or from a clothing store? Well, now you can have the luxury of having designer look-a-like paper bags! Designer Stuart Vevers at Loewe has launched a new bag collection called “Papelle.” These bags, which start at a whopping $1,045, are specially designed to look like the standard paper shopping bags. Vevers proudly states this collection “[takes] the bag back to its purest functionality” and Bergdorf Goodman says they have a “new classicism.”

What do you think? Are these bags the “new classicism?” Would you buy a Papelle bag?

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Dancing with the Stars… Clothing?

If you love that scandalous and sexy look of the costumes on Dancing with the Stars, you will be happy to hear that costume designer, Randall Christensen will be designing women’s apparel. The collection will include daily-wear, bridal, footwear, and accessories. Christensen discusses clothing, saying that clothes are transformation; they can alter a woman’s appearance and make her more beautiful. He believes “every woman deserves that kind of confidence [of feeling sexy and attractive]” and that wit his collection, women will be able to achieve that.

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Can’t Touch This!

There’s more than just an aesthetic reason for why the cashmere sweaters are on the display tables close to your reach. It’s because the retailers want you to touch it. Studies have shown that if you touch something, you more likely to purchase it. So beware: if you don’t plan on buying something, don’t touch it!

If this is the case, then it explains a lot about me and my spending! I love to touch everything in stores! I always get evil glances from the sales associates in Nordstrom and Bloomingdales; but in reality, I am increases their chances of then making a sale!

I think from now on to reduce my spending, I am going to go shopping handcuffed!

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Chanel Cuts Model Crystal Renn Off

The ad for Chanel’s store reopening on Spring Street has been released, which features plus-sized model, Crystal Renn. All together, the ad is very disappointing. The ad shows male model, Baptiste Giabiconi, lying down shirtless next to fur-covered Crystal Renn. Except, the image is cropped; only the upper portion of Renn is shown. Her complete body is cropped out! Chanel obvious doesn’t have a problem with Crystal Renn’s appearance since she walked the runway in their last resort show. Even Jean Paul Gaultier used Crystal’s full figure in his fall campaign this year.

Personally and from an artistic view, I think that the photo, even though it is nicely photographed, has an awkward flow. It abruptly stops, making the figures float in space. But the greater problem I think is the way the editing will reflect on Chanel. Because they’ve cropped Crystal’s curvy figure out of the photo, they are supporting the trend of sickly skinny models. Chanel could have easily made a stand and used Crystal’s body in the picture to declare all body types are beauty. In this case, I feel what Chanel did is just as bad as Ralph Lauren editing their models thinner.

This also raises the question of why use a plus-sized model in the first place if you are only going to take the photo from the chest up? A skinny model would have been just fine as well. If I were Crystal Renn, I would definitely feel hurt, but most of all cheated.

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The Material Girl Gets Sued for the Material Girl Line

Madonna, the world’s Material Girl, is being sued by LA Triumph Inc for naming her collection “Material Girl.” Apparently, it is trademark infringement and supposedly, the LA Triumph has had a clothing line for 36 years called “Material Girl.” The company wants authorities to rule as misleading and obtain all profits. This all seems silly seeing that Madonna is the Material Girl. If she has to rename her Macy’s line, what would she call it? “Like a Virgin?”

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McQueen’s Last Touch

This dress is believed to be the last dress that Alexander McQueen touched before his death. The elegant white silk charmeuse gown was not featured in his last Spring Paris collection, instead it made for his muse and longtime friend, Annabelle Neilson. Neilson adored his work and frequently wore his daring fashions. She wore this feathered gown to Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball in June.

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