Get the Look: Lindsay Lohan

It’s undeniable that Lindsay Lohan has always captured the media’s attention with her looks. From her trademark red-hair and girl-next-door look to her bombshell blonde hair and scandalous clothing, all eyes are on her.

Now, capture her look with our style guide!

The Casual Look

Lindsay loves her designer denim! She is constantly spotted wearing Genetic Denim, 7 Jeans, and Joe’s. Normally, she wears slim-cut or skinny jeans; anything that shows off her thinness.

With her jeans, Lindsay commonly wears tight tank tops with button-downs thrown over the top. Sometimes she’ll wear loose fitting tops as well that flow away from her body.

Leggings, leggings, leggings! Lilo loves her black leggings with baggy t-shirts and cardigans!

All of Lindsay’s accessories are oversized– oversized sunglasses, totes. She likes to wear aviator sunglasses too! Her favorite totes include the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Tote, Louis Vuitton Monogram Min Lin Speedy and L.A.M.B Signature Oxford Triple Stripe Satchel.

The Dressy Look

Lindsay turns heads on the red carpet. Why? Her revealing, tight dresses. She is always very confident in her clothing, which amps up her sex appeal. Lindsay’s dresses always have an edgy tone to them. Try to find dresses that are sexy, but have that fierce attitude.

As for hair and makeup, Lindsay keeps it natural with light make-up and no eyeliner. Her hair is usually down and messy. Lindsay is pretty tan, even though she has naturally light skin. So break out that bronzer and self-tanner!

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