R&R Founder Caught in a Dope Scandal

Rock and Republic founder, Michael Ball, seems to be in deep waters lately. After he filed bankruptcy for his line in April, Ball was charged with setting up a fake visa marriage for one of his former models, Fernanda Romero. Now, Jeff Novitzky, Food and Drug Administration investigator, got a warrant to search his apartment in Marina del Rey since it is believed that Ball is connected to the dope cycling scandal. Novitzky, who investigated the Barry Bonds scandal, believes that Ball, Floyd Landis (who won the Tour de France in 2006, but had to give up the title because of a positive drug test), Tyler Hamilton (an ex-partner of Lance Armstrong), and several other riders.

So how did a designer get involved in a cycling drug scandal? In, 2007, Ball sponsored a cycling team called the Rock Racing.


The Cut

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