Get the Look: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most iconic and fashionable women ever to walk among the stars. Her elegance and class was what set her apart from the other women of her time. Nowadays, that old-Hollywood sophistication has been overrun by the image of perfection— skinny, blonde, and tan.

Read on for our style guide on how to get Audrey Hepburn’s classic looks from her movies!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

When you think of Audrey Hepburn, most people think of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Why? It’s because of the character of Holly Golightly. Her youthful look and playful, naive personality captured the hearts of millions. But it was also her clothes that made her memorable.

For my inspired looked, I choose a vintage looking dress in a Tiffany blue. The Tiffany blue dress offers a modern twist on Givenchy’s black gown. Also, be sure to find a vintage looking dress with a low back.

Keep the rest of the outfit simple to avoid distracting away from the dress. Use nude color accessories including sunglasses, shoes and a purse.

Be sure to wear pearls! Pearls are essential to a Breakfast at Tiffany’s outfit! Pull the stand of pearls back, so they hang down your back.

Get Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired hair with this tutorial!


Sabrina is a love story about a poor girl who falls in love with one of the rich men she works for. Sabrina ventures off to Paris to become elegant and sophisticated. My favorite dress from the film was the ball gown she wears when she attends the party at the mansion.

For this inspired look, I did a more causal outfit of a tunic top and leggings. Try to find a top or a short dress that has a large embroidered flower design on the front. It should taper out as well to an “A” line bottom. The colors are soft to show refinement, while the little bit of bling on the clutch and earrings express wealth.

Roman Holiday

In this film, a princess grows tired of her elegant lifestyle. She abandons her life of luxury to experience the city of Rome as an ordinary woman. This look is about being simplistic, but also maintaing a small sense of elegance.

Start with an ordinary white button up blouse, a dull colored skirt, and solid flat shoes. Bring more life into the outfit by adding a brightly colored belt and a multi-colored light-weight summer scarf. Red and purple are royal colors which relate back to Audrey’s heritage in the movie.

Funny Face

Funny Face is all about fashion and the fashion model. So for this outfit, the key is to focus on the natural shape and figure of the human body. Keep the outfit monochromatic- blacks, whites, and grays. Find form fitting clothing that is comfortable, but stylish.

How to Steal A Million

Copy this look and you won’t have to steal a million. The clothing in this film is so spectacular because it was designed by none other than Hubert de Givenchy. The most stunning outfit was the black lace outfit Audrey wears. Here is our classic, but modern take on Givenchy’s outfit.

Instead of using black, which can be harsh on lighter skin tones, find a simple lace dress in a cream or flesh tone. To keep the conservative, romantic look, wear matching lace tights or leggings. Find matching heels, possibly in a patent leather. If you are feeling adventurous, try a pair of old-fashion buttoned gloves. To top it all off, wear a pair of peal gold earrings.

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