Avoid The Lazy Days!

I have 8:30 classes everyday this semester and as much as I love clothing, the last thing I want to do when I get up is to get dressed! I try to pick out my clothing the night before, but I usually I am so  anxious to get to bed!

Here are some tips that I have learned about how to avoid wearing sweats everyday and to stay warm!

Some simple (and obvious) points I’ve learned when getting dressed in the morning are that…

If you don’t feel like getting up, you won’t want to feel discomfortable. Therefore, always try to find loose-fitting items or clothing that you enjoy wearing. Now is not the time to wear your new BCBG heels from RueLaLa.

LEGGINGS! LEGGINGS! LEGGINGS! Leggings are the best invention ever because the are comfy and look nicer than sweats! PLUS they go with anything!

Avoid collegiate or sports sweatshirts. Just a simple change in the style of sweatshirt you are wearing can make a look more “dressy!” When buying sweatshirts, find some that have buttons or different styled hoods. (American Eagle and Victoria’s Secret are two brands that come to mind that have various styles.) Even buying higher quality sweatshirts that don’t have screenprinting look good as well!

Layering! Stay warm and be comfy! Try putting on a t-shirt, then maybe a long cardigan. And finally, a coat on top!

Loose fitting skirts can also replace sweatpants! You wouldn’t feel binded or restricted like when wearing jeans. Instead, you will have room to move and relax!

Add minimalist jewelry. It will make you look more put together!

Look at your closet and your clothes! Dig through your closet and put together some comfy, but thoughtful outfits. That way when you are half asleep in the morning, waiting for your coffee to brew, you don’t have to think about what matches! You will already have a set outfit in your head!

Here’s some of my styling creations to get you thinking!

Try leggings with a grandpa-style cardigan with a stylish boot…

Or with an oversized sweatshirt! Or maybe your boyfriend’s sweatshirt! (Only if done correctly!)

If you have the right body type, you can even try jeggings for a more “formal” and “dressed” look!

A loose skirt and t-shirt work well together too!

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