Get the Look: Black Swan

The recent release, Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman, has ruffled the feathers of America, movie critics, and most of all, fashionistas and costume designers. The film’s stunning costumes were designed by Amy Westscott, who was creative costume director for The Wrestler as well as award-winning television show, Entourage.

If you are a huge Black Swan fan, like myself, here are some ideas to transform Westscott’s screen-looks into everyday life.

Warming Up

At the beginning of the film, we see Nina as an innocent and delicate dancer who wraps her thin body in warm sweaters and knits. The tones of her clothing are light, mostly in whites and pale peaches. She is a fan of leg warmers and scarves. Even though her clothing is tight, she makes sure that her shoulder blades are covered to conceal her secret.

For this look, think warm. Mix together knits and jerseys in light colors. Allow for movement and comfort. Add little whimsical feather hints to the outfit through jewelry and acessories.


White Swan

The White Swan is Nina’s original nature. This identity represents child-like innocence and frailty. She is romantic, but at the same time, fearful.

This outfit needs to carry a sense of delicateness; it needs to be soft. Try adding more bird like pieces to the “Warming Up” look. For example, try a feathered skirt or vest or headband. Play with texture. Combine the fluidness of feathers with the crinkly nature of bigger knit sweaters.


The Transformation Begins

This is where Nina starts to embrace her darker side. In the movie, we see her clothing move to darker colors like charcoals and grays.

This is an in between stage. Find clothing that still holds fluidity, but is slightly more edgy. Two-toned and dyed fabrics are perfect for this look. Clothing that looks worn, old, or damaged works as well as it reflects Nina’s change in her character.


Black Swan

Personally, I think this is the best look. It is so dark and evil that it is captivating. At this point in Black Swan, the black swan has completely taken over her being.

If you are not careful, this look can quickly look cliche or over-done. Try to incorporate other dark-hued colors to prevent a goth look. Try deep purples, crimsons, and emerald greens. Find a dress that thoroughly incorporates a bird theme. (I.E. Lots of feathers!) If you are not avant-garde enough to wear a dress with feathers, try accessories instead! You’d be surprised how many purses and heels you can find with feathers!


For fun…. Here’s a tutorial of how to do the Black Swan make-up from the movie!

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