Glam This Way!

“Lady Gaga is launching a new project called “Glam This Way” with MAC cosmetics, to further promote the Viva Glam foundation. By sharing the “Glam This Way” message on social-networking sites, participants will have the chance for their photos to be printed on a couture dress that Nicola Formichetti will create for Gaga to wear this fall.”

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DIY: OPI Shattered Inspired Nail Polish

Time: 15 minutes
Materials: matte nail polish, black matte nail polish

I absolutely fell in love with OPI’s new Shattered look when I saw Katy Perry’s ad for her new line with the Black Shattered. I wanted to try to do a similar effect with my nails.

I used an awesome gray shade that I bought from Forever 21 and painted several coats of that. Using my black nail polish, I dabbed the brush on my nails, speckling it.

In the end, the overall look was more marbled than shattered. But I still got a lot of compliments and it is an alternate take on OPI’s Shattered.

Update: OPI recently released a Silver Shattered color in their Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

Get In-Shape for the Summer with “Skinny Bitch!”

It’s that time of year again…. Beach season. Everyone wants to get that perfect bikini body. But where do you start? There are so many diets and fads out there. Which one do I pick?

The key is just to BE HEALTHY. Exercise and eat well! But what actually is eating well? Recently, I just read the book, “Skinny Bitch” by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, both former models AND nutritionists.

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30 Day Hair Challenge: French Twist-Inspired Pony


Time: 10 minutes
Products: hair tie, hairspray and LOTS of bobby pins

French twists are a classic hairstyle, but I wanted to add my own little flare to it. Here’s what I did one morning!

To do this look, it is best to do it with unwashed hair. The little bit of oil left in your hair helps mold the twist and keep it together.

Start with an inch or so of hair on the backside of your head. Slowly, twist the hair clock-wise. As you twist add more hair to the strand.

You can direct the direction of the twist by adding different parts of your hair. As you go, secure the twist with bobby pins inside the twist.

When you get close to your neck, grab a hair tie and pull your hair into a low ponytail. Next, spray your hair multiple times with hairspray. (Or just spray it once. I tend to be a huge hairspray junkie.)

If you want, take a piece of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic hair tie and secure with a bobby pin.

All done! That was easy, right?!

(It took me several tries to get it to look good. So don’t give up!)


Book Review: “Gunn’s Golden Rules”

Gunn’s Golden Rules:
Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work

I happened to stumble upon this book in the library while I was looking for some particular fashion design books. It was published last year, but for some reason I hadn’t heard of it. I was more than excited when I found this book because I am a huge Tim Gunn fan, thanks to Project Runway. From the small glimpses we get of him from the show, Gunn always seemed to me as a such a proper and an intelligent man.

I am not a reader at all, but his book is extremely entertaining! His book features 18 different “rules” that he has learned from his own experiences. He presents each rule in its own chapter, featuring cute anecdotes and other “did that really happen?!” moments from the fashion world.  Even though there are so many “life’s lessons” books published, Gunn offers a practical view to the world. His writings and rules are not over exaggerated like some books nor are they too dismal. His “rules” are rather light-hearted suggestions that he has found useful in his life and his career.

Gunn also examines thoroughly the fashion industry by making an effort to look past all the glitz and glam. He’s surely not afraid to call it as it is. Gunn describes some of the most ridiculous situations that he’s been in as examples of “dont’s” for his rules. Some of his stories about the richest and most influential designers are beyond shocking. But nonetheless, he doesn’t put anyone down; he, instead, comically jokes about the situations, such as the incident regarding Martha Stewart and Diet Coke.

Overall, the book is whimsical and offers a fun spin on life and the fashion industry. I would definitely recommend the book to anyone who is interested in fashion or is looking for a career in it. It is a quick read, but insightful and fun.

Rule 1: Make It Work! Rule 2: The World Owes You… Nothing. Rule 3: Take the High Road. Rule 4: Don’t Abuse Your Power–or Surrender It. Rule 5: Get Inspired If It Kills You.

If I had gone to the Royal Wedding…

I would have worn this…

(With something to cover my shoulders, of course. I don’t think the Queen would think it to be proper otherwise.)

It’s from the Spring 2011 RTW collection by Proenza Schouler. I believe Kristen Stewart wore this dress for a photo-shoot for Vogue (?), but I could be mistaken. Nonetheless, I adore this dress!

What would you have worn?

Designer Spotlight: Steven Ruse

Jewelry is something eternal in a wardrobe. It doesn’t get ripped or torn, rarely does it get worn out. If it gets too big or too small, it is easily adjusted at a jewelry store. Among handbags and shoes, jewelry is something to splurge on during one’s life. If you think about it, you get the most for what you spend.

Rings have always been one of my fascinations; I’ve always have had the best of luck with them. I have tiny wrists so watches and bracelets always need to be resized, and let’s be honest, how often do I get around to taking them to a jewelers to get fix? Rarely to never. But rings are ideal for me because I have small, skinny fingers and usually the tiny sizes are what is left at stores.

Recently, I got an internship at a local art gallery in Pleasanton, California. During my orientation, I noticed this display on the counter of rings. Instantly, I was drawn to them. Yet these rings were nothing like I had ever seen before.

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