Get the Look: “Judas” Music Video

I’m just a holy fool! Oh, baby, it’s so cruel, but I’m still in love with Gaga and I can’t get enough! This past Thursday the Queen Monster released her music video for her controversial song, “Judas.” In her video, Lady Gaga has continued to shock the world with her avant-garde and straight-up bizarre wardrobes. Unless you are Gaga yourself, you could never be caught wearing her outfits in public. So here’s our realistic take on her costumes from the new video….

Here’s her new video if you aren’t familiar with “Judas!”

Opening Costume

Gold and chains, gold and chains. This is one of my favorite looks in the entire video. Gaga makes a mockery of royalty and riches with her bling-ed out see-through top and WWE-esque belt. If you ever wore this much metal and chains out, I doubt you could get through airport security or even move for that matter.

To start off, find a dress or top that is a rich jewel tone. It probably would be the best to wear something like a blue or purple, since those colors are the most associated with royalty.

Since her top is mostly a sheer material, it would be awesome if you could find something with cutouts that were covered with tulle.

Next comes the fun part… add on the chains and bling! You could start by layering different lengthens of chained necklaces in golds and silvers. Cuff bracelets with ruby jewels, spikes or chains would be ideal because they can be easily stacked without getting tangled. Make sure you have hints of that deep ruby red that you see in video. This color pulls it all together and makes the outfit powerful.

Have fun with this look and try belting your dress with a sharp, clunky, gold belt. (I found this really cool one online that looked like a crown of thorns!) Or even a statement headband with lots of rhinestones.

Motorcycle Punk

Gaga wore a similar costume in her “Telephone” video. It seems to personify the all-around American with the motorcycle jackets and bandanas. (To be honest, the bandana reminds me of Bruce Springsteen circa ’75.) This look is edgy and strong, but it can quickly look too costume-y if you do it wrong.

Try keeping it low-key with a plain black tank top and faded blue jean shorts.

In this outfit, accessories are what make this outfit Gaga. Find punk rock jewelry like layered chains, studs and pyramid spikes. Make sure the jewelry is not overwhelming. You want the pieces to accent each other.

Find a fun way to incorporate a bandana into your outfit. Instead of wearing it as a headband, try it as a scarf, tie it into a bandeau. There are really countless ways to add an iconic print like paisley into an outfit.

The Lipstick Gun Outfit

In the video this outfit was so memorable because of its simplicity and of course, the lipstick gun.

Try to keep the outfit very plain. All black. Black top, black jeans or pants. But this doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Find a black shirt with cutouts or that highlights your back. However, make sure the front is plain and solid.

I absolutely adore the red cape that Lady Gaga wears in this scene and I wanted to make the focal point of this outfit just that. An intricate woven or lace scarf adds another element to this outfit since it is so plain.

Accessorize with jewelry that has crosses on it. My favorite is this black ring I found online.

Ending Costume

This was one of the most interesting outfits in the video because there is so much detail. The contrast of these details, however, is what makes the costume so beautiful.

To make this look more practical in real life, not a Gaga video, I focused on the delicate nature of the lace. Look for a top or dress with lots of loose, free-falling lace in a pale beige or nude color. On bottom, wear a dark colored pair of jeans or leggings.

One of the most striking accessories in this look are the Oxfords that Gaga is wearing. I found a beautiful lace pattered pair on Topshop.

Even though the outfit is so fragile, make sure you add some edge. If you are a bold type of person, add clip-in black hair extensions. If not, try a metal clutch or other intense jewelry.

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