MT#2:The Best Bargain Shopping Guide (Part 2)

Here’s the second part to my Best Bargain Shopping Guide! I have (more than willingly) spent a lot of time shopping at different places and figuring out ways to ultimate deals while being extremely fashionable! In this section, I will be reviewing Ross, Marshalls, and Kohl’s. Be sure to check out the first part of … Continue reading

MT#1: The Best Bargain Shopping Guide (Part 1)

This summer is the first time in my life where I have had to provide for myself. With an extremely tight financial situation, it seems like it would be so difficult to buy quality (and even designer) items and be fashionable without spending a large quantity of money. Yet, over the past couple of months, … Continue reading

MT#4: Secrets of a Bargain Hunter

Love shopping at Ross and Marshalls? Here are some tips for the best steals and deals from! The Treasure-Hunt: Shopping off-price is a treasure hunt – try not to limit the experience by being too specific. Sometimes we get great deals on items that do not go to all stores. If you go looking … Continue reading

MT#3: The Shopping Queen Spills Her Secrets

I’m all about shopping! But shopping to get the best deals is the most important thing. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been writing my Best Bargain Guide, which includes store reviews and tips. Yet, there are a few general shopping tips that I want to share with everyone that have helped me. These are … Continue reading

10 Things I Can’t Live Without

While packing for vacation this past week, I realized out of all the stuff that I normally pack that there are always about 10 things I take with me everywhere, despite where I am going. I figured I’d share with you my packing essentials…