About AE

Alexander’s Eyes is a small blog written by an undergraduate college student who has a passion for art and fashion. (For more on the author, please visit the bio page.) The blogs articles includes interesting news headlines, critiques and personal opinions on trends and art pieces, DIY tutorials, and comprehensive links to other sites regarding fashion and art.

Even though Alexander’s Eyes is centered around fashion and art, its main objective is to inspire others to find something in their lives that is intriguing and comforting to them.


Who writes for Alexander’s Eyes?

Madeleine Wright is the sole contributor and writer for Alexander’s Eyes. She is an 19 year-old undergraduate college student at Furman University in South Carolina. Madeleine is working on an Art History major with aspirations to become a fashion publicist and fashion designer. To read more about her, visit the bio page.

Who is Alexander?

Alexander’s Eyes is in remembrance of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who sadly took his own life in early 2010 shortly after his mother’s death. McQueen possessed an astonishing talent in fashion design that transcended him above others in the fashion industry. He used every aspect of design to transform his visions into livable art. For more information about Alexander McQueen, please visit his Wikipedia page or his website.

What does Alexander’s Eyes mean?

Through Alexander’s Eyes was the original title for the blog site, but was shorted to Alexander’s Eyes for other reasons. The title acknowledges McQueen’s unusual way of viewing the world and art and inspires others to step back from reality and look at the world from an artistic perspective.

How do I contact Alexander’s Eyes?

Please e-mail us at alexanders.eyes@yahoo.com.