Bieber Fever, Now with a Scent!

The teen-pop idol, Justin Bieber, has launched his fragrance for his tween stalkers fans called “Someday” at Macy’s. It is a sweet and fruity scent that is perfect for his “Bieblivers.” Bieber described the importance of his fans smelling good to Women’s Wear Daily,

“Let’s be real: The way a girl smells is very important to a guy. I have such a deep connection to my fans, so creating a fragrance that I personally love is another way I can bring them close to my world.”

It might sound a little weird, but think about it… Who wants B.O. infested tweens throwing themselves at you? Honestly, the launch of his fragrance is for Justin’s sake!

Already, his fragrance has done so incredibly well; so far, it has taken in $1 million in the first week. The estimated amount that “Someday” will make is nearly $30 million! But kindly, a portion of the proceeds go toward Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as Pencils of Promise, a charity that builds schools.

(from The Cut, NYDailyNews)

Glam This Way!

“Lady Gaga is launching a new project called “Glam This Way” with MAC cosmetics, to further promote the Viva Glam foundation. By sharing the “Glam This Way” message on social-networking sites, participants will have the chance for their photos to be printed on a couture dress that Nicola Formichetti will create for Gaga to wear this fall.”

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DIY: OPI Shattered Inspired Nail Polish

Time: 15 minutes
Materials: matte nail polish, black matte nail polish

I absolutely fell in love with OPI’s new Shattered look when I saw Katy Perry’s ad for her new line with the Black Shattered. I wanted to try to do a similar effect with my nails.

I used an awesome gray shade that I bought from Forever 21 and painted several coats of that. Using my black nail polish, I dabbed the brush on my nails, speckling it.

In the end, the overall look was more marbled than shattered. But I still got a lot of compliments and it is an alternate take on OPI’s Shattered.

Update: OPI recently released a Silver Shattered color in their Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

UK Vogue’s Fall Trends

Last month we posted Paris Vogue’s fall and winter trends for 2010 and 2011; here’s what UK Vogue predicts and there are quite a lot of similarities between the two.

Matte skin with a luminous finish: Keep skin fresh and natural with a hint of foundation and power. (See the Fendi show)
Red lips: Red lips are back again this season, but any red will do! For fun, try berry or wine hues.  (See the Dolce and Gabbana show)
Black liner: Whether it be liquid or pencil, kohl black liner is in.  (See the Gucci show)
No mascara: Shockingly, mascara is out this season! Please, put down the tube and walk away.  (See the Christopher Kane show)
Prominent brows: The darker the better! Just keep it away from Frida Kahlo status.  (See the Narciso Rodriguez show)
Tobacco tones: Earthy browns are popular this season. Try mocha, toffee, caramel and tea hues. Keep your complexion clear with highlights on the eye sockets and the underside of the cheekbones.  (See the Alexander Wang show)
Matte lipstick: Sorry, Lil Kim! No lip gloss this season. Try using flat matte colors on your lips during the fall and winter. Maybe even try a red matte!  (See the Zac Posen show)
Nude nails: Instead of the square cut nails, long, oval shaped nails are the season’s hottest style. Keep them nude with beige, skin-colored polish.
Sharp side-parts: Make a statement with a distinct and edgy side-part like in Tommy Hilfiger’s show.

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Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, New Face of Lancome?

Rumors have been circulating that the daughter of editor in-chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld, is the new spokesmodel of Lancome. Supposedly, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld has already been photographed for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection by Mario Testino. The new line she will be representing in called Ultra-Lavande and will be used in Victoria Beckham and L’Wren Scott’s Spring/Summer 2011 shows.

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O.P.I. meets Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl here. SPOTTED: four new luxe Gossip Girl-inspired shades of nail polish by O.P.I. at Target. The fall 2010 collection is called Nicole by O.P.I. and includes stunning shades of blue, green and silver. Which one are you going to be wearing?

(From left to right) “Too Rich for You,” “Scandals, Secrets, and Sparkle,” “Party in the Penthouse,” and “Nicole… Spotted”)

As always, I’ll be watching. I’ll be watching all of us.

Gossip Girl

Teen Vouge

20 Make-Up Trends for Fall/Winter 2010

Look chic for this winter with these top looks from Vogue Paris! (I translated the blurbs about the make-up, but be sure to check out the slideshow on Vogue Paris for examples!)

  1. Winged Eyeliner – Once again, the winged eye liner is back in! This season, add some color to it like a blue shadow along the crease for a more dramatic look.
  2. The Color Grape – Grape is this fall and winter’s hottest color. Grape, a reddish-purple, has been seen everywhere from lipstick, eyeshadows, to blushes.
  3. Blended Colors – Last season, eye make-up was done with sharp lines and clear-cut boundaries. However, this season offers a softer touch with colors that slowly blend into the skin, making lines disappear.
  4. Red Lips – Just like the winged liner, the bright red lip is back and with more power. This season, try a more dull red and forget the lip liner!
  5. Heavy Eyebrows – Bleached brows are out! Dramatize those brows! Just try to stay away from the Frida Kahlo look.
  6. The Imperfection Look – This season don’t bother about making your make-up perfect! Smears and smudges, even eyeliner streaks, offer a new look artistic look.
  7. The Natural Look – Minimize the color used on your cheeks and eyes. Use a light beige instead!
  8. The New Charcoal – Instead of using a black based charcoal color for your smokey eye, try charcoals with hints of purples, blues and greens.
  9. White Eyeshadow – Don’t be scared! Try a white on your lids! Just be careful not to go too light. Leave the shimmer white skin to the vampires instead.
  10. The Shimmery and Glossy Eye – Try to pick light eye shadows with a little bit of shimmer in them. Mattes are good to use as a base, but this season is all about the light.
  11. The Corners – Carefully add high-intense shimmer shadows to the corners of your eyes and even mouth!
  12. Lightly Lined – With a kohl black, lightly line the waterlines of your eyes, which sets off your eye color.
  13. Fresh Skin – Keep your skin looking like satin this season with little powder and more shine.
  14. Back to the 90s – This season is drawing back on the make-up of the 90s, which was very minimal. Down play color for a 90s look.
  15. No Mascara – Shockingly, mascara is no longer popular! Instead of layering on mascara, simply put on a little liner and shadow.
  16. The Color Apricot – Other than grape, use apricot on your lips and cheeks.
  17. Light Skin – Create a milky skin effect this season with powder.
  18. Iridescent Sheen – Use iridescent colors around the tear-duct for a futuristic look.
  19. Deep Red Lips – Go for a deeper red lip this year with a hint of grape. Look for colors in the wine family.
  20. Sculpted Face – Use a powder that is two shades darker than your skin and hollow out your cheeks and eyes.

Burberry Launches Make-Up Line

Christopher Bailey, chief creative director of Burberry, has announced that Burberry will be taking on a new challenge– make-up. The designer wants to promote natural beauty by creating a classic and subtle look with Burberry cosmetics. The Burberry make-up will be available only to the Galleries Lafayette Haussmann on September 1.

The line will include lipsticks, sheer foundation, powder, and blush. All products will be printed with the famous Burberry plaid design.