Cosmo Hair features beauty tutorials and recently, they have posted many videos on different hairdos. I decided to try some of them out since I love doing my hair. Here’s what I learned from them.

The Beachy Look – I was eager to try this one out because I had never seen the technique they use to get those soft beachy curls. In the tutorial, they instruct you to twist the hair into sections. (It’s kind of fun because you look like you have dreadlocks for a while.) When I tired it, you really have to do small sections, about an inch or so. Otherwise, it won’t work as well and just look messy. To help maintain the curl when you loosen them, spray hairspray on them.

Teasing – I owe much to this tutorial because it answered my hair teasing problems. After teasing the back sections of my hair, I could never smooth the hair down without taking the volume out. The hairstylist in the video shows you how to use the side of your brush to smooth the hair over the volume.

Volume – All the hairdressers I’ve been too and all the tips I’ve read online have said to blow dry your hair upside down to get fuller hair. Well, in fact this Cosmo method is a much more effective way to get volume.