Blame the Pants

Here’s one solid reason why you shouldn’t judge your weight or size on the measurements of clothing… Manufacturers can be flat-out liars!

On Esquire‘s blog, a survey was taken and found that there was a 5 inch difference between the seven 36″ waist pants they tested!

The retailers want you to feel a certain way in their pants. If they want you to feel skinnier, they are more generous in the waist line; Others encourage you to lose weight because the tightness of their pants suggest you are overweight.

My advice would to be conscious of your body and be courageous when it comes to shopping for clothes; don’t be afraid to try the next size up! It might not be you! It could be the pants!

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We Prefer No Logos!

Consumer research has shown that low and high prices items have something shockingly in common. They both have less obvious logos or brand markers. In the high-end fashion world, designers tend to use discreet markers to identify their collections through intricate design. They want to be recognizable to the elite group who can recognize the high status of the product; designers want to avoid obvious advertising to the mainstream. For example, fashion students, over regular students, tend to choose products with subtle signals than products with the logo on it. Yet, the elites don’t have a dislike for logos, says assistant professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania, Jonah Berger. They avoid them “in identity-relevant domains to distinguish themselves from mainstream consumers who buy such products to show they’ve made it.”

I find this research applicable in my own life. Before I got “in-the-know” in the fashion world, I was always gravitated towards products that had large Juicy Couture or Chanel logos on them. Now being involved in the fashion world, I look for products that are more intricate and finely made. I feel it also more rewarding to say, “Oh, it’s BCBG!” when someone admires my dress than having BCBG written all over my bag. However, I can never part with my Pink clothes from Victoria’s Secret! I am obsessed with their logo-ridden products!

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MT#2:The Best Bargain Shopping Guide (Part 2)

Here’s the second part to my Best Bargain Shopping Guide! I have (more than willingly) spent a lot of time shopping at different places and figuring out ways to ultimate deals while being extremely fashionable! In this section, I will be reviewing Ross, Marshalls, and Kohl’s. Be sure to check out the first part of my guide for tips on shopping at Forever 21, Wet Seal, and H&M! Happy shopping! Continue reading

New Trends: Hairy Fringe and Tie-Dye

With Paris’s Fashion Week now over, there are a lot of new trends that are emerging. The most prevalent of the them are hairy fringe and tie dye.

Hairy Fringe

The fringe seen on the runways is super expensive because of its high quality; Supposedly, it is human-hair-fine. This hair was seen at Dior (pictured right), Givenchy, and Jean-Paul Gaultier (pictured left). A few seasons ago on Project Runway, designer Chris March tried to make human hair happen, but people were disturbed by it.


Ports 1961, Calvin Klein, Blumarine, and Proenza Schouler showcased this look in their Spring/Summer 2009-2010 collections. Since then, this trend has taken off and can be seen in everything from bags, scarves, dresses, to even leggings!

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Zoe Saldana New Face of CK Underwear

Zoe Saldana has been announced as the new face of Calvin Klein’s underwear line, replacing Eva Mendes. Saldana also represents CK’s new collection, Calvin Klein Envy, which is to be launched fall 2010. The ads were shot by famed photographer, Mikael Jansson, and will be released in October of 2010. Zoe Saldana comments saying, “It’s very exciting for me to be associated with such an iconic, globally recognized brand like Calvin Klein Underwear.”

Professional Soccer Meets Fashion

With the World Cup almost over, I wanted to write a post relating the world’s greatest sport and fashion. The first thing that came to mind that blended these two areas was obviously David Beckham’s famous Armani Underwear ad. It got me thinking… What other soccer players have been featured in high fashion advertisements? So here is a collection of designers who have featured footballers in their ads! Continue reading