30 Day Hair Challenge: Romantic Hair


Time: 15 minutes
Products: 1″ curling iron, 2 bobby pins, hairspray, headband, round brush, hair tie

Usually my look is edgy, so I wanted to try something a little softer.

1. Start by curling all of your hair.

2. Take the back portion of your hair and using a round brush, backcomb your hair. Spray with hairspray, then carefully run the edge of a regular brush over the teased hair to smooth.

3. Pin the teased hair into a poof in the back.

4. With a hair tie, pull your hair into a sloppy bun. Make sure the bun is a little off to the side.

5. Carefully put on your headband. (Secure with bobby pins if needed.)

6. Pull a couple of pieces of hair out from the front, re-curl, twist and tuck back under the headband.

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