Re: Professional Soccer Meets Fashion

Carlos Bocanegra

Recently, the New York Times released this article about soccer players modeling for fashion designers. A lot of designers now a days are using professional soccer players to “connect with mainstream guys in Europe.” Fashion designer Simon Spurr  says”It’s rare [to find] a Ronaldo or Beckham. It’s hard to find that all-in-one package these days. When they come about, the fashion brands jump on them.” The fashion world is keeping eyes on noted players such as U.S. team captain, Carlos Bocanegra, Thiago Silva, a Brazilian who plays for Milan, and Fernando Torres of Spain.

Personally, I think Bocanegra or Benny Feilhaber would be phenomenal models.

Read more at the New York Times.

Professional Soccer Meets Fashion

With the World Cup almost over, I wanted to write a post relating the world’s greatest sport and fashion. The first thing that came to mind that blended these two areas was obviously David Beckham’s famous Armani Underwear ad. It got me thinking… What other soccer players have been featured in high fashion advertisements? So here is a collection of designers who have featured footballers in their ads! Continue reading