30 Day Hair Challenge: Donna Karan Inspired


Time: 6 minutes
Products: Hairspray, bobby pins

Today I felt extra fashion-y and I wanted to try something inspired from Fashion Week in NY. The Donna Karan Spring 2011 collection came to mind. In the show, the models had an easy, messy bun.

However, my hair is layered, so getting a “smooth” messy bun (if there is such a thing) is hard. I put all of my hair to one side, then pinned the opposite side. Next, I teased the roots of my hair to get more volume. I took the ends of my hair and pinned them underneath into a bun.

I adore the look! It doesn’t pull heavily on my scalp and is totally comfy! The only thing is since I did the bun on the lower side, it hits my jacket and gets messed up. I have to fix it every so often because it gets knocked out of place.