Get the Look: Amy Winehouse

Today the world lost one of the best new-age soul singers, Amy Winehouse. To commemorate her passing, this Get the Look tutorial will be centered around her iconic look.

When it comes to Amy’s, it’s “go big or go home.” Literally. Big hair, boobs, make-up and tattoos. Not all of us have the ability (or courage) to pull off such a “large” look. Here are some ideas to get a more tame and tailored classic pin-up style.

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Get the Look: Inspiration for Interview Outfits

It’s summer time again! So that means sun, sand, and the beach…. on the weekends. Summer’s a great opportunity to get work experience or even get a killer internship! But the only way to land these positions is to dress the part! Here are some outfit ideas featuring this season’s trends!

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Get the Look: “Judas” Music Video

I’m just a holy fool! Oh, baby, it’s so cruel, but I’m still in love with Gaga and I can’t get enough! This past Thursday the Queen Monster released her music video for her controversial song, “Judas.” In her video, Lady Gaga has continued to shock the world with her avant-garde and straight-up bizarre wardrobes. Unless you are Gaga yourself, you could never be caught wearing her outfits in public. So here’s our realistic take on her costumes from the new video….

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Get the Look: Lindsay Lohan

It’s undeniable that Lindsay Lohan has always captured the media’s attention with her looks. From her trademark red-hairĀ and girl-next-door look to her bombshell blonde hair and scandalous clothing, all eyes are on her.

Now, capture her look with our style guide!

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