O.P.I. meets Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl here. SPOTTED: four new luxe Gossip Girl-inspired shades of nail polish by O.P.I. at Target. The fall 2010 collection is called Nicole by O.P.I. and includes stunning shades of blue, green and silver. Which one are you going to be wearing?

(From left to right) “Too Rich for You,” “Scandals, Secrets, and Sparkle,” “Party in the Penthouse,” and “Nicole… Spotted”)

As always, I’ll be watching. I’ll be watching all of us.

Gossip Girl

Teen Vouge

My Top Fashion Icons

A lot of people ask me where I get my personal style inspiration from and which fashionistas I admire. There isn’t any one person who I aspire to dress like. I find that I choose my clothing on what I like, but also considering the latest trends as well. However, I still wanted to recognize women who, I think, have a creative and fashionable sense of style. And my top three are… Continue reading