Get the Look: Lindsay Lohan

It’s undeniable that Lindsay Lohan has always captured the media’s attention with her looks. From her trademark red-hairĀ and girl-next-door look to her bombshell blonde hair and scandalous clothing, all eyes are on her.

Now, capture her look with our style guide!

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Lilo + Jail = Improved Sales?

I stumbled across this article today about Lindsay Lohan and her 6126 line. Boutique owners who carry Lindsay’s line are saying that her new jail sentence will actually help her line’s sales. Senior retail analyst, Jeff Vansinderen, from B. Riley & Co says,

At the end of the day [her sentence] may not hurt, and it could even help sales in an ironic and twisted way. It would help if she is successful in her recovery and fans get behind her. Then she could use that to her benefit to promote the line.

What do you think? Would you support Lindsay’s recovery by buying her line?

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