20 Make-Up Trends for Fall/Winter 2010

Look chic for this winter with these top looks from Vogue Paris! (I translated the blurbs about the make-up, but be sure to check out the slideshow on Vogue Paris for examples!)

  1. Winged Eyeliner – Once again, the winged eye liner is back in! This season, add some color to it like a blue shadow along the crease for a more dramatic look.
  2. The Color Grape – Grape is this fall and winter’s hottest color. Grape, a reddish-purple, has been seen everywhere from lipstick, eyeshadows, to blushes.
  3. Blended Colors – Last season, eye make-up was done with sharp lines and clear-cut boundaries. However, this season offers a softer touch with colors that slowly blend into the skin, making lines disappear.
  4. Red Lips – Just like the winged liner, the bright red lip is back and with more power. This season, try a more dull red and forget the lip liner!
  5. Heavy Eyebrows – Bleached brows are out! Dramatize those brows! Just try to stay away from the Frida Kahlo look.
  6. The Imperfection Look – This season don’t bother about making your make-up perfect! Smears and smudges, even eyeliner streaks, offer a new look artistic look.
  7. The Natural Look – Minimize the color used on your cheeks and eyes. Use a light beige instead!
  8. The New Charcoal – Instead of using a black based charcoal color for your smokey eye, try charcoals with hints of purples, blues and greens.
  9. White Eyeshadow – Don’t be scared! Try a white on your lids! Just be careful not to go too light. Leave the shimmer white skin to the vampires instead.
  10. The Shimmery and Glossy Eye – Try to pick light eye shadows with a little bit of shimmer in them. Mattes are good to use as a base, but this season is all about the light.
  11. The Corners – Carefully add high-intense shimmer shadows to the corners of your eyes and even mouth!
  12. Lightly Lined – With a kohl black, lightly line the waterlines of your eyes, which sets off your eye color.
  13. Fresh Skin – Keep your skin looking like satin this season with little powder and more shine.
  14. Back to the 90s – This season is drawing back on the make-up of the 90s, which was very minimal. Down play color for a 90s look.
  15. No Mascara – Shockingly, mascara is no longer popular! Instead of layering on mascara, simply put on a little liner and shadow.
  16. The Color Apricot – Other than grape, use apricot on your lips and cheeks.
  17. Light Skin – Create a milky skin effect this season with powder.
  18. Iridescent Sheen – Use iridescent colors around the tear-duct for a futuristic look.
  19. Deep Red Lips – Go for a deeper red lip this year with a hint of grape. Look for colors in the wine family.
  20. Sculpted Face – Use a powder that is two shades darker than your skin and hollow out your cheeks and eyes.