Get the Look: Amy Winehouse

Today the world lost one of the best new-age soul singers, Amy Winehouse. To commemorate her passing, this Get the Look tutorial will be centered around her iconic look.

When it comes to Amy’s, it’s “go big or go home.” Literally. Big hair, boobs, make-up and tattoos. Not all of us have the ability (or courage) to pull off such a “large” look. Here are some ideas to get a more tame and tailored classic pin-up style.

Street Style

Amy’s street style is very simple– boyfriend jeans and tank. Give the outfit some attitude with a tee with a message and colorful pumps. Amy usually wears woven belts as well. (Probably to keep her baggy jeans to stay on her skinny frame!)

Amy 1


Dress Up

Believe it or not, Amy does wear dresses! She wears a lot of them when she performs or in music videos. But they also have a retro feel and low cut. She tends to wear florals and animal prints, always belted of course!

Amy 2



Amy also likes to use loud accessories. Try a bandana, turban or a headband. Even a giant fake flower in your hair! Make sure you don’t forget teased hair or winged eyeliner! (Personally, I wouldn’t do them both together unless you are being her for a costume party!)

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