Elle’s Joe Zee Gets Show

Can’t get enough of Elle‘s Joe Zee! Well, now you can get your Zee daily dosage off by watching his new show on Sundance, All on the Line! Zee will consult eight selected fashion designers that need help getting back on the runway. Let’s hope he’s a little more entertaining in his critiques! His critique he gave Whitney’s line on The City was rather drab. This will be Elle‘s fourth television station it has been featured on. (Bravo’s Project Runway, the CW’ s Stylista, MTV’s The City.)

Will YOU be watching?

To be honest, I am not. I’m not interested in Joe Zee or Elle affairs as long as they support Olivia Palermo. I’m a long time The Hills and The City fan and I detest Olivia. Shun the fashion snob!


The Cut

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