MT#2:The Best Bargain Shopping Guide (Part 2)

Here’s the second part to my Best Bargain Shopping Guide! I have (more than willingly) spent a lot of time shopping at different places and figuring out ways to ultimate deals while being extremely fashionable! In this section, I will be reviewing Ross, Marshalls, and Kohl’s. Be sure to check out the first part of my guide for tips on shopping at Forever 21, Wet Seal, and H&M! Happy shopping!

3 stars – $ to $$$

Ross carries designer and brand name clothing that is 20% to 60% marked down. They buy surplus merchandise from other stores and from manufactures and resell it at a lower price. On a whole, Ross is usually well-stocked with a lot of clothing and shoes. Because they have merchandise coming in practically everyday, the store easily becomes disorganized. There are racks upon racks of clothing. However, if you hunt hard enough, you can find great pieces for incredible prices. Sometimes it is frustrating because you will find something that you really like, but not in your size. Unlike normal department stores, they might not receive things in particular sizes or have a very limited number of that size. On the plus side, Ross always has a large collection of shoes.

At a Glance:

  • Cheap prices
  • Designer clothing
  • Good to high quality
  • Large selection of tops, dresses, bags and shoes
  • Chaotic store setting
  • Less designer labels than Marshalls

Get the Most for Your Buck:

The prices at Ross are usually always good. It pays off to check the clearance racks though! I recently bought an adorable embellished shirt for $4! Frequent trips to Ross is important because they merchandise in all the time!

My Recent Buys: BCBG platform heels, cream color embellished sleeveless top


About a month ago, I found this cute top on the clearance rack. It was $3.99 and I have gotten so many compliments on it! It’s a cream colored silk-like material and has a embellished bib of golden plates from Pinky. I adore it because it’s still feminine, but also has a little attitude!

More recently, I found these hot BCBG platform shoes that I just HAD to buy! I posted something about them a little while back because I am completely obsessed with them!

4 stars – $ to $$$$

I am a huge fan of Marshalls! It is just like Ross in the sense that they purchase over-stock, but on many levels I like it a lot better. One of the biggest things I like about it is that it carries a large collection of designers! (At Ross, there aren’t as many big name designers.) It is typical to find things from Tahari, Steve Madden, Calvin Klein, Giuseppe Zanotti, BCBG and other designers. Whenever I go, they have a great selection of merchandise, including bags and shoes. (I found some BCBG purses the other day and about died.) I seriously go to Marshalls every week. (It’s right by my work. So bad…) I do this because it has proven to help me get the best clothes ever! It is a little more pricey than Ross because it has more designer items. (I was surprised to see that they carry Italian designer shoes including Prada and Giuseppe Zanotti.)

At a Glance:

  • Cheap and decent prices
  • A good selection of designer clothing
  • Good to high quality
  • Large selection of tops, dresses, bags and shoes
  • Chaotic store setting

Get the Most For Your Buck:

As I side before, the prices are very good and you usually don’t have to look through the clearance racks. But, sometimes you can find amazing pieces for even cheaper! It’s worth the look! If you are serious about getting designer items for cheap prices, it is better to visit this store once a week. I know that seems very intense and almost obsessive, but it is very beneficial. Every time you go, they turn over items. Things go fast at Marshalls. So you need to be on your game!

My Recent Buys: Steve Madden patent leather flats, Steve Madden pink snake skin sandals, BCBG sheer black top, BCBG green dress, a draped black dress, a scrunched denim dress


As you can tell, I do most of my shopping at Marshalls! But my favorite thing about this store is their selection of Steve Madden shoes. There are always at least 5 different styles of his shoes there and for amazing prices! (The sandals that I just bought I paid $11 for! Buying them felt like a crime.)

three and a half stars – $$ to $$$$ – Shop Kohl’s Online

Kohl’s should change their motto to “ALWAYS expect great things” because every time I go there I find so many items that I want! Two of the best things about Kohl’s are the Simply Vera by Vera Wang and LC by Lauren Conrad collections. These talented designers have fabulous pieces for every occasion. Lauren Conrad’s line is obviously more colorful and flirty, while Vera Wang’s is fashionable and sophisticated. I instantly go over to their sections of the store to see what’s new. Kohl’s also has another great line by Elle. Elle always has trendy clothing that’s affordable and cute! When I am looking for casual new clothing, I always hit up Kohl’s.

At a Glance:

  • Decent prices (vary by article and label)
  • A good selection
  • Good to high quality
  • Large selection of tops, dresses, and skirts
  • Organized store setting
  • Horrible dressing rooms, cluttered with go-backs

Get the Most for Your Buck:

I just recently discovered Kohl’s 60-80% off racks and of course, I went nuts. If you are looking for fashionable clothing, you can find so many things there. Since most people buy “regular and generic” clothing, a lot of the trendy clothing is left over. There are always amazing pieces from Lauren Conrad and Vera Wang on these racks. I highly recommend going through them! It’s saved me a lot of money on great clothes!

My Recent Buys: Carmel heels by Elle, black zipper skirt by Elle, black top by Elle, black cocktail dress from LC by Lauren Conrad, blue cotton zipper dress from LC by Lauren Conrad, black leggings from Simply Vera by Vera Wang, blue fade dress from Simply Vera by Vera Wang, black strap heels from Simply Vera by Vera Wang


Just two days ago, I bought these heels from Kohl’s. They are Elle’s Ali shoes; they’re fantastic because they are a neutral color that isn’t black. The heels go with everything! They can dress up a pair of skinny jeans and embellish a stylish dress! I especially like the little studs on the top of them; it adds an edgy vibe to such a classic looking pair of heels!

Thanks for reading! I will be posting Part Three (consignment shops and boutiques) as soon as I can! Please read Part One featuring Forever 21, Wet Seal, and H&M. And don’t forget to try out my tips! Feel free to leave your experiences in the comments below!

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