Goo Goo for Gaga

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We are living in a Gaga Nation. It’s undeniable. Ever since the release of her single, “Just Dance,” last summer, America can’t seem to get enough of the Queen of Electro-Pop, Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga’s immense popularity and quirky fashion sense has lead her to dabble in the fashion world and current trends.

Lady Gaga’s style is incredibly easy to recognize–it’s surreal, it’s loud, and it usually does not require pants. In her clothing, Gaga complete disregards convention and the social norm and creates outfits that transcends even the greatest fashion minds. From head to toe red lace to spherical metal headdresses, Gaga does it all.

Her most notable styles, however, includes full bodysuits, the lack of pants, and unnatural materials. In numerous videos, including this past year’s number one single, “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga sports extremely tight bodysuits made of patent leather or lycra. Her bodysuits not only show off her to-die-for good physique, but they create an eerie sexiness and sophistication. Through the suits, Gaga emphasizes women’s sex appeal, but also points out the indisputable power and potential that women posses. Her passion for the woman’s soul also explains her curious habit of not wearing pants. Instead, Lady Gaga wears bikini style bottoms, exposing her thighs and legs. A woman’s legs are notably one of the most seductive part of their bodies. By freely revealing her legs and pairing it with her edgy style, it is a reminder of how women are beautiful, but can be extremely lethal at the same time. Lady Gaga also juxtaposes this contrast with her use of atypical materials in her outfits. She has been seen wearing a pair of sunglasses made from razor blades, chicken wire, and glass shards.

Despite the ridiculous nature of her clothing, high end fashion designers clearly have incorporated some of Lady Gaga’s deranged and wild style in their own collections. A lot of her styles were seen in this past year’s Fashion Week, including Gaultier Paris, Christian Lacroix, Givenchy, and Chanel. (More at

Her extraterrestrial attire and psychedelic music videos have revamped runway shows as seen in the opening of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this past year. The show opened with a space-themed runway with Angels wearing wings made of bizarre and unorthodox materials.

For these past two years, Lady Gaga has pushed the couture envelope, creating increasingly eccentric trends. But can this “Fame and Fashion Monster” keep up with her own style? What can be expected from Lady Gaga as we enter 2010?

Watch a slideshow of some of Gaga’s best outfits from 2009 and 2010!

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